Susan sports a fresh bruise on her face. She waits until she and Albert are left alone at No.9 before telling him that her dad hit her for burning his tea. She says he often beats her and her mother and her mum blames her for making him lose his temper. Albert discovers that her dad, Jim Schofield, is one of the workmen digging up the Street. Jed looks for somewhere to live. Susan lets Albert take her home when he promises to make sure her dad doesn't hit her again. Jerry fears the basins were stolen and asks Ena if Jed is trustworthy. Ena advises to steer clear. May Schofield tells Albert that a fall caused her daughter's bruise and her father thinks the world of her. Albert believes Susan and demands to see Jim or he'll go to the authorities. May puts him off until tomorrow. Jim arrives home moments later and, as Susan cowers in her room, he threatens May about entertaining strangers. Ena tells Elsie about the washbasins. May has Jim believing that Albert was just returning Susan's schoolbag. He has another go at his wife when Susan denies the story. May reveals the real reason for Albert's visit and that he plans to confront him at work. Jed is still trying to sell his gear at Gamma. Elsie warns him to be miles away when Len gets back, for his own safety. Albert faces Jim in the Street. He bravely stands his ground against his younger adversary, calling him a bully. Minnie fetches Harry who intervenes just as things get physical. Albert threatens to set the police onto Jim if he lays another finger on Susan. The residents are full of admiration for Albert. Jerry fears he'll get the sack when Len returns.


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