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Police and ambulancemen arrive at the crash site. Renee is rushed to hospital. Alf goes with her and is breathalysed. The crystals turn green. Renee undergoes emergency surgery but she dies in the theatre. Her spleen and her liver were both ruptured. The next morning, the news of Renee's death shocks the residents. Alf doesn't know what to do about anything. P.C. White makes him go over the accident for their report. The driver of the lorry has a broken leg and concussion and Renee's post-mortem is set for this morning. The NSPCC make an appointment to see Betty. The salesman of the houses on Willow Crescent Estate calls on the Tilsleys and tells them he has a cheaper house to offer them for £13,000 with repayments at under £100 a month. Brian doesn't want to know but Gail is keen. The house is vacant but only has the one bedroom. Alf begins to break down. Ken tries to comfort him.


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