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Alf refuses to take Renee out in the car again. Betty worries that if she alerts the authorities over the Fletchers their 'uncle' will take it out on them. Gail isn't keen on Peterloo Place. The Post Master tells Alf he can have the sub-post office. The Robertses celebrate. They go to a country pub. As he's been drinking, Alf lets Renee drive home. Betty phones the NSPCC about the Fletchers. Bert and Ivy look at 15 Peterloo Place and think the house is a bargain. Gail tells Brian to make an offer on the house. The Robertses get lost in the country, Renee stalls the car at some roadworks in a narrow lane. Alf gets out to take over but suddenly a lorry comes down the lane and hits the car head on. After the crash, Alf looks into the car and sees Renee lying across the seat, eyes fixed open.


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