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Eddie starts on the bins. Alf and Renee quarrel when he refuses to give her driving lessons as his insurance doesn't cover her. Len advises them as they are having to change their cover for their new address, they might as well add Renee to the policy. Annie advises Betty to take care in her interest over the Fletcher children. Brian goes to the building society and cancels the mortgage. They get the deposit back but not the plot fee or the survey so they are £80 down. Eddie moves into No.13 and Hilda enjoys being a landlady to him. Brian gives the £300 back to Bert and Ivy. Gail can't face living with Ivy when the baby is born. Betty tells the regulars that she took the Fletcher children in and fed them herself. Ken advises her to report the matter to the NSPCC. Alf gives Renee a driving lesson after she pressures him. She scares him with her dangerous driving. Brian and Gail try to see possibilities in 15 Peterloo Place, valued at £7,250.


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