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Eddie has been thrown out of his room at Monkey Gibbons's house and he looks for fresh digs. Hilda refuses to take him in until he has a job. Elsie refuses to buy any more drinks for Hilda. Ken gives Eddie a reference as he goes job-hunting. Ivy is annoyed to discover Gail has been looking into employing a childminder. Eddie gets a job and Hilda agrees to him becoming their lodger before discovering he's a binman. She tells him that she's not having rubbish in the house. Elsie buys Hilda a noticeboard so she can note down when she's out of things and won't keep borrowing off her. When Hilda refers to the fact that she saved her again, Elsie explodes and tells her that next time her house is on fire to walk past. The Bannisters call on the Robertses and tell them they want to buy the shop but only offer them £15,000 - £1,000 below the asking price. Hilda discovers Eddie could be earning up to £80 a week on the bins. Betty is concerned for Wayne and Sharon Fletcher, two latchkey children near her home. When Wayne falls whilst his mother is out drinking, Betty takes them in. Ivy resolves to tell Gail that she's not happy about her plans.


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