The Street is closed to traffic and the cobbles dug up. Martha scares Minnie with the idea that the workmen are looking for unexploded bombs. One of the men confirms the rumour that they're laying down telephone cables. Martha holds the Barlows responsible for the disruption. Val discovers Ken told his friends she had a headache. She tells him she'd have been okay with them knowing the truth. Ken is unable to help Albert with Susan as he doesn't teach her. Ena has her photograph of Alfred Sharples reframed. She's puzzled when Martha quizzes her about her marriage problems while Minnie asks her why she doesn't wear a wedding ring. Ena tells them it's none of their business. Emily puts up the Christmas decorations at Gamma Garments. She hopes Swindley will help with the play but is too shy to ask him. Albert runs into Susan at Gamma but the girl breaks down when he questions her about her home life. Val is annoyed when Emily assumes that she and Ken aren't staying in the Street. Albert worries that he got Susan into trouble with her parents by giving her fireworks. Jed fails to interest Swindley in using him as Gamma's supplier. Doreen asks Swindley about the play for Emily. He agrees to consider producing the play but the news that Edwin Birtles is playing the lead doesn't endear him to the idea. Ena threatens to throw Martha into the manhole if she keeps going on about her marriage. The Barlows realise they're being silly and make up. Susan runs away from home to Albert.


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