Brian and Gail are pleased that she's pregnant. Ida tells Ivy she shouldn't be shop steward as well as supervisor. Ivy agrees and tells her that she can be shop steward. Ida is furious when Ivy tells her that her work isn't up to standard. Gail and Brian tell the Tilsleys about the baby - they are delighted. Deirdre phones Arnold's stockbroker and discovers he has all his money well invested. Emily is pleased and relieved but thinks she's made a fool of herself. Deirdre advises her to make contact with Arnold. Arnold is pleased when Emily calls at the pet shop. He introduces her to his sister Flora. Mike tells Ivy that if she arranges the rota, the girls can have their shopping hour. She promises there won't be a fall in production. Arnold and Emily make a date to go out together. Gail can't get in contact with Audrey to tell her about the baby. Bert worries that Brian and Gail will have to let the house go.


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