Jerry doesn't think there's a demand for washbasins. Lucille tells Val she thought Ken would marry Christine. Val is surprised to learn that Ken rescued Christine from the factory roof. Christine sympathises with Frank as he's a widower. Albert is puzzled when Susan sports a bruised face. She tells him she banged it in PT. Jerry changes his mind when Minnie offers to buy one of the washbasins and Martha tells him the neighbours could all do with new ones. Emily has her hair done for the literary circle. Ken arranges a meal date with Geoffrey Simpson although Val refuses to go as they'd originally planned to to go to the pictures. Ken tells Albert that the hall is being repaired so there are no PT lessons at Bessie Street. Martha hears that the Street is about to be dug up so that telephone cables can be laid and blames Val. Jed asks for £40 for twenty-four washbasins but agrees to sell to Jerry for £25. Albert waits outside the school for Susan but she avoids him. The literary circle are putting on Lady Lawson Loses, a play at the mission for Christmas. The organisers are having trouble casting the younger parts so Emily tries to interest the residents in being in it. Ken accuses Val of not making an effort with his friends. He goes off with Geoff and Sandra leaving Val on her own. Annie warns Jerry not to trust Jed.


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