Ken gets Val to cancel her appointments for the evening as they're entertaining Geoffrey Simpson and his girlfriend Sandra. Albert, on lollipop duty outside Bessie Street School, gives fireworks to Susan Schofield to set off with her friends. Christine starts at Miami Modes. Elsie and Dot teach her how to deal with difficult customers. Ena dumps herself on Vera Lomax while the boiler is being repaired at the mission. Martha shocks Minnie by sitting in Ena's chair in her absence. Martha questions why Ena doesn't wear a wedding ring and received a love letter from a man who wasn't her husband. Minnie thinks her friend is being bad-minded. With Len away, Jerry runs the yard. Jed Stone turns up at Modes asking for Dennis. He dashes off when Elsie tells him Len is away. Albert is concerned when Susan tells him she always makes the tea for her and her brother while her parents work. Jed tries to sell washbasins to Jerry, saying it would impress Len. Val serves flan and goes to a big effort to show that she can compete with Ken's posh friends. Lucille goes to see the fireworks at the Croft. Val feels out of her depth with the conversation at No.9. Ken doesn't notice his wife's discomfort and arranges a night out with Geoffrey and Sandra. He's annoyed when Val calls them toffee-nosed snobs. When Jed tries it on with Christine, Frank comes to her rescue.


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