Renee is furious when Dan Johnson spends another night with Bet. The Coronation Street Secretarial Bureau opens. Deirdre deals with typing whilst Emily book-keeps. Bet is besotted with Dan. Emily takes a call from a Mr Bateman who wants to use the Bureau's services. She thinks she recognises his voice . When he calls round it is Fangio who has set up his own light haulage service and gives Deirdre typing to do - she is attracted to him but Emily is not pleased. Alf and Renee tell Bet that if she doesn't stop letting Dan stay the night she'll have to leave the flat. She is furious but refuses to give Dan up. She packs and leaves the flat. Hilda sees "money" in Stan's teacup and after hearing from Ivy and Vera that the jackpot at the bingo has reached £1,000, she tells him that they're going there tomorrow night. Betty takes Bet in for the night. Bet tells her that she feels sure Dan will take care of her.


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