Hilda gets the chance of a free lift to Chesterfield to visit Trevor Ogden overnight and takes advantage of it. Gail buys a seascape picture and Ivy lets her hang it at No.5. Bet gets a night off to spend with Dan Johnson. Hilda gives Eddie permission to entertain a girl for the evening at No.13 in her absence as she thinks he means Lorna Ferguson but he brings Pat Marshall round instead. She frightens Stan. Eddie is put out when she wants to hang round Stan instead of him. Dan assures Bet there was nothing between him and Elsie. Brian and Gail plan to throw their first dinner party for some friends on Friday but Ivy has invited the Duckworths round for the same evening to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Alf and Renee are upset when Dan spends the night with Bet. Hilda returns at 1.00am to find Eddie and Pat in her parlour. She throws them out. Stan hears noises downstairs, thinks Pat has gone to fetch one of her friends for him and expresses his glee to Eddie but Hilda overhears him.


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