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Ena leaves the Mission in Swindley's hands for the duration of the meeting. Edward Appleby asks Christine to live with him and his wife but she doesn't think it would work. Mr Spinks gets the boiler working in the Mission. Martha shows Ena's letter to everyone at the Rovers - it's a love letter from "Jack", not her husband, written on Christmas Day 1942. Christine turns down money from the Applebys. At Elsie's suggestion, she applies for a job at Miami Modes. Martha gets Ena to confirm that Alfred Sharples died in 1937 and therefore her affair with Jack started in 1934 while Alfred was alive. Albert buys fireworks for Susan Schofield. Ena gets suspicious when Martha keeps going back-and-forth between the Snug and Public to report her findings to the others. Annie hears the letter being read and realises it's one of her letters from Jack, dropped on the night of the gas main evacuation. Martha suspects "Jack" is Jack Crosby, an old friend of the Sharples who died recently. Elsie doesn't tell the landlord she's taken in a lodger. Frank, Harry, Albert and Len attend Swindley's meeting. As he feverishly delivers his speech, Swindley fails to notice the room heating up and his audience fanning themselves. Ena arrives in time to see the boiler explode and Swindley and Spinks get covered in soot.


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Len Fairclough (about Martha Longhurst): " She's got a mind like a fire grate."

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