Fred installs the bell push in the Rovers, much to Betty's disdain. Rita and Len view a house in Handforth owned by Mrs Lambert. Brian is annoyed that Gail is chatted up a lot by lorry drivers at the cafe. Elsie is flattered as Dan Johnson appears to fancy her. Brian finds Fangio with his arm round Gail. Elsie has to stop him from fighting. Len doesn't like the house as it's surrounded by golf-playing neighbours who have Sunday morning drink parties. Things are awkward between Ken and Deirdre when they meet. Rita realises the house isn't for Len and is taken aback when he offers to make an offer on it. She tells him that she doesn't want the house. Gail makes Brian see that the lorry drivers don't mean what they say to her. Annie enjoys ringing the bell, once for Betty, twice for Bet and three times for Fred but she puts off Fred's questions about a pay rise. Dan makes Elsie feel cared for but behind her back he rings his girlfriend in Bristol, telling her that he'll be visiting her.


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