A fed-up Mavis decides to take someone on at The Kabin without consulting Len. Len realises his marriage is over. He breaks down, telling Elsie he loves Rita. After being upbraided by Mrs. Tetlow for giving her the wrong change, Mavis takes cheerful papergirl Louise Clayton on at The Kabin full-time. Rita returns home for good. She tells a relieved Len she realises he's the closest person to her and she can't leave him - she can't face the future on her own. Len thanks her for returning. Stan is left £100 and a pot dog by Dora Entwistle. Annie reads of the bequest in the Gazette and congratulates Stan but Hilda is suspicious when Bet tells her that Dora was to Chapel Yard what Elsie is to Coronation Street. Lorry driver Dan Johnson turns up at No.11 after Ian McAllister recommended it to him. Elsie is annoyed and tells him that she's not running a boarding house but he charms her into letting her stay.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Len Fairclough returns to the Street having failed to talk his wife Rita into returning to him. Is this the last time he will see her? Stan Ogden is mentioned in a will - but how much will he inherit?
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 16,004,000 viewers (7th place).

Notable dialogue

Rita Fairclough: "Hello, I'm back."
Len Fairclough: "You mean...for good?"
Rita Fairclough: "For good. I must be bloody mad."

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