Deirdre hasn't heard from Ken and fears she's frightened him off. Annie has had to go to Derby to look after Joan who is ill with mumps. Les Carter discovers from a journalist in France that the English party were given an official dinner, and some of the women left to party with a load of ex-paras. They ended up playing football with a gendarme's hat. The next day a pair of knickers were found flying on the flagpole. Carter gets hold of a photo of three of the women doing the cancan. Alf refuses to identify any of the them, as do Betty or Bet. Vera confesses to Ivy that she brought the gendarme's helmet home with her. The Gazette prints the story. Hilda is upset that Stan doesn't believe she took part in the rave-up. Ena tells Elsie that if she stays with her they'll be at each other's throats so she's going to St Annes.


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Notable dialogue

Elsie Tanner: "Will you tell me summat, Mrs Sharples?"
Ena Sharples: "I'll try."
Elsie Tanner: "The old days - the bad old days - why do you keep harping back to them, 'cos they're gone now?"
Ena Sharples: "Well, bad old days they might have been...(thinks) There's no "might" about it - they were. Do you know, when the people next door cleaned their house out, they used to swill it out wi' a hosepipe, but they were the days when I were young...though life was 'ard, it was very sweet. And that's why we old people live in the past."
Elsie Tanner (smiles): "Hope I don't."
Ena Sharples (laughs): "Well, if you do, your memories will be a bit racier than mine!"
Elsie Tanner: "I've only got your word for that, Mrs Sharples!"
(The two laugh)

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