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Stan tells Hilda the £3 was a bet from Fred and the house is tidy as Lorna Ferguson tidied up. She refuses to believe Lorna exists. Elsie starts work at Jim's Cafe. Ken and Alf looks for somewhere for Ena to stay as her flat is being decorated. Fred tells Hilda that Stan has been renting the house out to couples. She is horrified and threatens Stan with a poker for using the house for lust and immorality. Eddie turns up with Lorna - Hilda is surprised that she's so respectable. Hilda encourages Lorna to go steady with Eddie who gets nervous that marriage is being hinted at. Elsie makes Len realise that Rita left him because he's selfish. Ken cooks Deirdre a meal. Len makes an announcement in the Rovers that Rita has left him. Elsie agrees to take Ena in, mainly to stop people gossiping about her and Len. Ken feels he has to propose to Deirdre when she tells him that she's open to offers.


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