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Rita gets a room at a theatrical lodging house in Clarence Street, Salford run by Poppy Watts where she meets an old showbiz friend, Ossie Oswald. Len tells the neighbours that Rita is ill. Jim Sedgewick changes the cafe around, getting rid of the old counter and installing the cooking equipment in the shop and a new employee - Mrs. Bolton. Elsie rows with Ivy in the Rovers calling her a "tin pot busybody" and blames her for not getting the job. Rita phones Mavis and tells her that she's left Len for good. Emily tries to make the greasy meals more attractive but the coarseness of the lorry drivers upsets her. Rita only has £10 left after paying her £25 rent. Hilda tells Mike she can't go to France as she hasn't any spending money. He gives her £10 and tells her not to tell the others. Rita feels alone and isolated.


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