The men return at 7.00am after spending the night with fifteen women at 32 Bessie Street. They go for an early morning "hair of the dog" in the Rovers and decide to tell everyone Alf tripped and fell and they all took him to hospital. As soon as they see their wives they crack and tell the truth. Ken lectures Susan about bringing Roy Stevenson back home. Elsie runs short of money. Fred tells Annie about Alf going to hospital and is annoyed that the others have confessed. Annie finds out the truth when she rings the hospital and pleases the women by presenting their husbands with a bill for their wives' drinks and refuses Fred his request for a night off. Rita is tired of living in what she considers a dump. Elsie considers asking Mike for the supervisor's job now Steve Fisher has left. Susan asks Ken if he intends to marry Deirdre. Annie tells Ivy that Elsie intends to ask for her job back at the factory. Ivy is livid.


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Rita Fairclough (shouting at Len): "Tommy Cooper couldn't tell a story as daft as that! Did you listen to what you were saying?! Already it's only the first of January and you're the champion liar of 1980!"

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