Sheila is stiff and sore after her bike ride. Ena isn't impressed with some of the fancy items that Annie has ordered from the Corner Shop for the party. Annie spends the day preparing the spread for the party, leaving a complaining Jack working alone behind the bar. She refuses an offer of help from Concepta, saying Jack can cope. Elsie and Dot tidy up at Miami Modes at the end of the day. Elsie borrows a posh dress for the party, despite Dot's pleas to be careful. Albert feels ten years younger with his lollipop man duties. He asks Frank to speak to Ken about giving up teaching but he refuses. Annie gets dressed for the party but avoids helping Jack. Elsie's dress impresses Len and Harry but not Ena, who wears her sparkly hairnet for the occasion. A shocked Elsie finds out from Len that he hasn't told Nellie about their invitation. The regulars gather at the Rovers. Jack asks Annie for help with the rush but is refused and they start to bicker. As the party gets underway, Annie starts a headache. Billy sends a present of a coffee set while Joan and Gordon give fish knives and forks. Harry and Concepta help serve the drinks while Sheila and Doreen play the records. Sheila winds up Swindley, telling fibs that Edwin is good-looking and rich. Albert turns up with his lollipop man's outfit over his suit as a joke. Florrie feels hurt by the way Frank is not interested in her anymore. The party moves to the back room for the buffet. Val tells Albert to mind his own business when he makes sarcastic comments to Ken about giving up his job. Annie disappears from the party and Jack finds her exhausted. She retires to bed. Jack tries to get the party to finish but the residents are enjoying themselves too much. He also goes to bed. Annie hears glasses breaking downstairs and insists Jack investigates but he refuses. A tipsy Len knocks Swindley and he spills a trifle over Elsie's dress. Len hears the Walkers arguing and goes upstairs to tell the surprised couple to keep the noise down as they're disturbing the party.


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