Suzie stalls would-be buyers who are interested in No.11. Brian and Gail decide to go to the Isle of Man on honeymoon. With Renee still away in Lancaster, Alf doesn't like the way Bet tries to embarrass him by being provocative. He decides to play her at the same game to scare her off. Audrey arrives to take over the wedding preparations. She tells Ivy she can't afford a reception at the Co-op Hall. Suzie shows Mrs. Hindle around No.11 and puts her off by suggesting the foundations aren't safe. Audrey books the Rovers' Select for the reception. Bet is horrified when Alf comes on strong. She locks herself in her room. Ivy refuses to have the reception at the Rovers.


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  • First appearance of Audrey Potter since 18th April 1979.
  • TV Times synopsis: Whether tragic, comic or simply entertaining, there's always something happening which involves the regular favourites in the Street. Note: This generic synopsis appeared in the magazine at a time when it began republishing after the 1979 ITV strike and was catching up with the schedules during a period of confusion.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 15,000,000 viewers (10th place).
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