Elsie promises to return for Gail's wedding. Mavis is excited about spending the evening with Jack Walsh. Rita gets Deirdre and Ken to join the meal as Len doesn't fancy being stuck with Mavis and Jack. Gail buys her wedding dress. She is upset that Suzie has bought a daring dress and fears that she'll be the centre of attention. Ron tells Gail he won't be able to give her away as he'll be going to Torquay with Elsie. Ivy books the Co-op Hall for the reception. Elsie is determined Suzie won't steal the limelight from Gail and tells her to change her bridesmaid's outfit. Suzie agrees and Gail is thrilled. Elsie is quite sad to leave No.11 but looks forward to the future. She and Ron leave for Torquay. Rita embarrasses Len at the meal by trying to bring Mavis and Jack together. She tries to show them some marital harmony. Gail asks Mike if he'll give her away. He is touched.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Follow the fortunes of all the regulars in TV's best-known Street. Note: This generic synopsis appeared in the magazine at a time when it began republishing after the 1979 ITV strike and was catching up with the schedules during a period of confusion.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 15,200,000 viewers (9th place).
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