Sheila thinks Jerry is sexy. Len kids Jerry that he needs him to work this afternoon so he can't take Sheila out. All of the residents are invited to the Walkers' anniversary party. Minnie refuses to throw Swindley out on his ear to placate Ena. Albert gets the job of crossing warden. Val tells Frank he must never be lonely as she and Ken are always there. Sheila plans to bring Jerry out of his shell. She's expecting to go to the pictures but Jerry turns up in his cycling gear and reveals that he's borrowed a tandem. Emily can't go to the Walkers' party as she's meeting with her literary circle. She interests Florrie in joining. Jerry takes Sheila for a ride in the country. Sheila hates it as it's tough on her legs. Swindley practices his speech-making at Gamma and gets Emily and Doreen to heckle him to inject realism into the proceedings. Ena interrupts to warn him that his committee room is being taken over. Swindley discovers Minnie has put up a poster of rival candidate Joe Armstrong next to his on her window. He makes her take it down. Sheila is relieved when she and Jerry stop at a cafe but they have to share a table and Jerry rushes her in order to make it home before dark. Elsie reveals that the Cheveskis might come over at Christmas. Albert winds up Len over his legal troubles. Jerry returns after midnight with a broken bike an an exasperated Sheila. Sheila calls up to Doreen and moans that they got lost, fell into a ditch and had to walk ten miles back. Her tirade wakes up the entire Street.


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Notable dialogue

Jerry Booth: "'Ey, there's Arnold over there, 'e's been in the 'arriers longer than anybody 'as Arnold. 'Ey, and there's Cynthia, 'is girlfriend. Them two, over there, by the milk crates."
Sheila Birtles: "Which one's the fella?"

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