With Ivy and Bert on holiday, Brian struggles to look after himself. Gail looks after him. Eddie feels that there's a bird trapped in The Kabin flat's chimney. He uncovers the fireplace but can't reach the bird. Mavis worries about the bird's health and phones the RSPCA. Deirdre refuses to please Ken and cite Janice as she doesn't want everything to be dragged out. She's willing to take the blame herself for Tracy's sake. Inspector Harry Scott calls on Mavis who demands that the chimney breast is broken into to free the bird. Deirdre decides to leave the divorce to Ray. Ken worries that the papers will have a field day because of his job. He asks her to get Ray to cite person or persons unknown. She is horrified that he is grasping at anything to keep himself out of the divorce and accuses him of not caring what happens to her or Tracy. She tells him to get out of her life.


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  • In an unusual move for the programme outside of the 1960s, this episode has a longer than usual running time and therefore has no cast credits and only credits for the writer, director, producer and designer.
  • TV Times synopsis: How will Deirdre Langton react to Ken Barlow's attempt to get himself off the hook over the divorce? Eddie Yeats tracks down the mystery night noises in Mavis's flat - but the answer raises fresh problems. Note: This synopsis appeared in the magazine in August, which went to press before the start of the 1979 ITV strike.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 13,750,000 viewers (13th place).
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