Gawpers continue to hang round outside No.7. Florrie asks Sheila and Doreen to keep their record-playing quiet so as not to upset the Hewitts. Joan Akers leaves a message with Florrie asking Elsie to call on her. The papers report that frogmen are going to drag the canal. The by-election is fixed for 26th November. Emily books a hair appointment with Val for her first meeting with a literary circle that she's joined. Annie worries that Concepta is going to have a complete nervous breakdown. Florrie passes on Joan's message to Elsie and her address - 46 Percy Street. Annie and Val look after Concepta. She sees the story about the canal. Elsie visits Joan and immediately recognises Christopher. She confronts Joan with the truth of her actions. Swindley decides to ring the police. Joan tells Elsie that her own baby died at three weeks old and then her husband left her. Elsie comforts her as she breaks down. Sowman takes Swindley's suspicions seriously. When Swindley hears that Doreen knows the girl, he rings Sowman back and gives him Joan's address. The police set off for her. Elsie persuades Joan to return the baby before the police find her. Doreen can't believe that Joan is responsible. Sowman finds that Joan has gone. Mrs. Webb gives her a description of Elsie. Joan returns the baby to a stunned and relieved Harry and Concepta. Ena finds Sowman in Gamma Garments and tells him the baby has been returned. Harry takes his temper out on Joan but Concepta is just relieved her son has been returned. Sowman calls at No.7 and takes Joan in for questioning. Emily tells Swindley she is going out with a man called Edwin.


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