Annie asks Billy to be careful with Deirdre; she's still a married woman. Emily is annoyed that Deirdre is going out with Billy and not Ken. Deirdre tells her it's nothing to do with her. Emily refuses to babysit when she knows Deirdre wants to spend time with Billy. Deirdre goes greyhound racing with Billy. Ken is disappointed as he wanted to take Tracy and her to the park. Albert watches as Eddie and the Ogdens dig over the allotment. They don't find anything. Hilda realises he's had them for mugs. Billy asks Annie to lend him £2,500 for the wine bar. She is upset that he only visits her when he wants something. Emily tells Deirdre that as she's living in her house she has a right to give her advice on her suitors. Deirdre doesn't agree.


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