Suzie puts the hard-boiled eggs in the chicken coop. Hilda gives Ena a couple of eggs as a present. Alf wants a foreign holiday but Renee isn't sure he's up to it. Steve builds up enough courage to tell Deirdre she's sexy. She is amused by his embarrassment. Ena corners Hilda in the Rovers and cuts one of her eggs open to show her it's hard-boiled. Hilda is rocked with embarrassment. Eddie accuses Renee of planting the hard-boiled eggs. Hilda tells Eddie to get rid of the hens; everyone's laughing at them. Ken and Mavis are the only two to turn up for the jogging session. Ken can't cope with the exercise and has to stop early. Alf's boss Frank Roper calls and hints that he thinks Alf isn't really sick and should be back at work. Alf explodes at him and criticises him for his own work record.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Why are the Ogden's chickens laying hard-boiled eggs? Ken Barlow runs his first jogging session. It doesn't work out as he planned.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 15,700,000 viewers (1st place).
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