Gail celebrates her 21st birthday. Elsie returns from holiday and is delighted to hear Gail is engaged. Hilda persuades Fred to let her wash-up behind the bar as Annie and Bet are away, just so she can mingle with the party in the Select. Alf returns from hospital. Renee treats him like an invalid. Gail's floozy mother, Audrey Potter, arrives and gives her approval of Brian however Gail isn't happy to see her. Brian tells Ivy he's letting her down by not going to the party. Suzie fancies the disc jockey Peter Hockley and lures him away from his turntable. Audrey dresses up and is the centre of attention. The men fall over themselves to please her. Bert persuades Ivy to attend the party. She and Audrey are cold towards each other. Fred has to end the Select party as its closing time so Elsie invites everyone round to No.11 after Bert has announced the engagement. Audrey leads the conga down the Street. Rita is taken aback to see Len eagerly following Audrey.


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  • First appearance of Audrey Potter.
  • Audrey Potter describes Gail's father as a gambler, who made promises of marriage that he didn't live up to, and states that they lived with his parents, contradicting later storylines upon his arrival in 2008.
  • This Easter Bank Holiday episode was transmitted at 7.00pm.
  • Future scriptwriter on the programme, Stephen Mallatratt, appears before the cameras as Peter Hockley, the DJ at Gail's 21st birthday party.
  • The episode carries no director credit, either on screen or in any edition of TV Times aside from Channel TV Times.
  • TV Times synopsis: Who's coming to Gail and Brian's party tonight? Alf is due home from hospital today…How will he settle?
  • This Easter Monday episode failed to make the top twenty in the viewing charts.
  • This episode was included in the Network DVD collection Coronation Street: The Best of 1970-1979, released on 25th July 2005.
  • This episode was added to streaming service BritBox in late 2020 under the Coronation Street: Greatest Episodes banner and included an introduction by William Roache.
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