The Hewitts' party is shattered after Swindley breaks the news about Christopher's kidnap. A hysterical Concepta has been taken to her room by Harry while Emily has rung the police. Len also goes to ring for a doctor for Concepta. Emily brings a sobbing Lucille back to No.7. A distraught Annie goes back to the Rovers and tells Jack the news. Ena and Martha take charge of her. Frank and Albert go searching the area. Det Sergeant Sowman arrives at No.7 and takes a statement from Swindley about the event. The doctor arrives to see Concepta but she has also disappeared and is found searching the streets by Florrie. Sowman finds Doreen in the Rovers and is about to interview her when news reaches him that Concepta has been found. Len suddenly remembers the St. Christopher medal that hung from the pram handle. Constable Rose finds the empty pram on the Croft near Bessie Street. The next morning, Sowman arrives to interview Lucille. He gets the girl on her own and finds out from her that she was jealous of Christopher and not trusted by Concepta with the child. Len suggests that the residents starts up a search party and Albert, Ena and Martha agree to join him. Ena comforts Lucille. Concepta is sedated and Harry can't face his breakfast, worried what he will tell her when she wakes. The pressure gets to him and Lucille thinks she's to blame. Annie and Len try to convince her otherwise as she breaks down. Sheila introduces Doreen to Joan Akers and she recognises her from having seen her on Percy Street. Sowman interviews Doreen and Emily. He is particularly interested in Lucille's behaviour and whether anyone in Gamma Garments actually saw the pram outside the premises, or they just relied on Lucille's word that it was there. As night falls, Lucille reveals to Harry that she left Christopher outside the shop with a girl from school, Brenda Cowan, as she only thought she'd be a couple of minutes. Harry goes to tell the police.


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Ena Sharples: "We know nowt about life and we know nowt about folk and it's high time we woke up t' fact. Them brainy so an' so's, they can say all they like but there are folk going off there every day in't week an' all the books in't world won't stop 'em."

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