Len and Eddie board up the broken windows at the Rovers. Deirdre slowly recovers from the trauma of the previous day. She feels she'll always be grateful to Sally Norton for saving Tracy's life. Mike tries to charm the nurses into letting him have a telephone. Alf is still unconscious. Renee sits with him. The nurses encourage her to talk to Alf. Annie fears the brewery will pull the Rovers down. Mike pays to have a private room with a phone. It's Alf and Renee's wedding anniversary. She puts their cards around Alf's bedside. She can't find anything to talk to Alf about so Len helps out. The brewery assures Annie the future of the Rovers is safe. Mike is happy in his private room. He gives Steve responsibility for the whole set-up. Renee feels that Alf won't come out of the coma.


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