Elsie asks Mike to keep her job open for her in case she returns. He refuses, saying he's already advertised it. Bert and Stan make their peace and go to watch football together. Elsie worries about her future - Len tells her it's obvious she doesn't want to go but she doesn't want to let Ron down. Ron loves driving the Rolls. Elsie tells him she's changed her mind and can't come to Torquay. She's not cut out to be a servant. To give her a treat, Ron gives Elsie a spin in the Rolls. The Tilsleys throw their house-warming party. Brian is bored as all the guests are his parents' friends. Gail tells him to stop moaning. Hilda is annoyed when Stan goes to the Tilsleys' party. As Jack Duckworth isn't at the party, Vera invites Fred to take her home but he isn't interested. Mike starts the party with Suzie but dumps her for Deirdre. Stan drags Hilda to the party where she and Ivy make the peace. Mike asks Deirdre out, she is surprised. Elsie and Ron are sad that their relationship is over. He offers her marriage but she refuses. He leaves for Torquay.


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