Ena is satisfied that the Hewitts will make more of an effort with Lucille after giving the couple a pep talk. The Hewitts celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Lucille uses the rest of her savings to buy them an expensive lamp. Concepta persuades Harry to throw a party. Frank feels lonely living at No.3 by himself. Val thinks he should get out and meet new people. Sheila bumps into an old friend, Joan Akers, who left the factory to get married. She finds out that Joan's husband Brian left her after eight months. Annie tells Jack she wants a party to celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. She's no sooner proposed the idea when Jack receives an estimate for the catering. Val finds a newspaper Frank had stashed in a drawer with an advert for a marriage introduction bureau. Joan gets a refund on some baby clothes from Gamma. Annie plans to go all-out on her party and outdo the Hewitts, much to Jack's consternation. Concepta gets Lucille to run errands with Christopher while she and Annie prepare the party. Ken rows with Frank over the bureau idea, telling him it's for cranks. Florrie, Len and the Barlows are the Hewitts' guests. Lucille waits at Gamma until closing time as she thinks she'll be in the way at home, leaving Christopher outside. She later discovers that someone has taken him. Swindley takes charge, getting Emily to call the police and Doreen to look around the block. Lucille is scared she'll get the blame and becomes hysterical. Swindley takes Harry aside at No.7 to break the news.


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