Bet agrees to be 'kidnapped' by the students. She advises them that they'd best take her from the Rovers during the lunchtime rush. Eddie gets some lino for Ivy. Ralph Lancaster asks Rita to sing at the Gatsby Club for the week. Len thinks it's a good idea as he can have a night out watching her. Bet puts on a good act as the students kidnap her. Ivy hears about Eddie's criminal past and refuses to buy the lino from him, preferring to go to a shop. Ken steps in to help Annie serve behind the bar. Gail joins Suzie at the Gatsby and makes up a foursome with Paul Stringer's mate Frank Elliott. Bet returns when the regulars only cough up £4.56, 1/2p to release her. Annie tells her she'll be docking her wages. Gail doesn't enjoy being pawed by Frank. He grows tired of her frigidness and rows with her. She walks out of the Gatsby, telling Suzie she's not that cheap. Suzie doesn't like being classed as the same as Sandra Pitt, a tart who Frank picks up.


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