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Hilda finds Len collapsed in the factory. Mike brings him round but he's adamant he doesn't want a doctor. Rita accuses Len of being drunk before Mike tells her he had a blackout. She calls the doctor. Alf tells Deirdre she's been allocated a council flat in Appleton Court. Dr. Harris tells Len he fainted and should ease up and drink less. Rita tells Len he has to take a week off work. Elsie agrees with her. Alf shows Deirdre the flat. It is near the top of a high rise block and she refuses to live there. The Tilsleys sell their house in Inkerman Street. Deirdre tells Ivy she's backing out of the deal. Ivy tells her they've got a verbal agreement and she's not letting her out of it. Paul Stringer and Suzie get physical at No.11 but Elsie disturbs them. Elsie makes it clear she doesn't like Stringer and he leaves. Suzie calls Elsie a cow and tells her to stop acting like the Salvation Army. Elsie slaps her face, telling her if she wants to be a slut she can leave No.11.


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