Suzie tells everyone she's demonstrating perfume. Annie tells Betty she's disappointed with the way she allowed Fred to carry on in her absence. Suzie feels daft dressed as a chef. Ted Thomas tells her she must have faith in the sausage that she is demonstrating. Hilda considers buying No.5 but Stan isn't keen. Brian wants Gail to meet his parents but she isn't keen. She tells him he'll have to tell Ivy he's seeing her. Hilda sees Suzie demonstrating in the supermarket and tells Elsie and Gail that she's cooking sausages. Suzie is embarrassed when Elsie and Gail turn up in the aisles and laugh at her. Brian and Gail babysit for Deirdre. Their kissing is interrupted as Tracy wakes up and cries. Ivy calls at No.5 to talk to Deirdre and finds Brian and Gail together. She is annoyed to find they're an item. Ivy tells Brian she wants to buy the house.


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