Lucille loved the party and gets it in writing that Concepta will let her have one for her next birthday. Sheila and Doreen found it underwhelming as the gramophone packed up. They awaken in a messy flat with holes in the carpet. Doreen stands on them when Florrie comes upstairs. Concepta agrees to go out to the pictures with Harry, leaving Lucille in charge of Christopher. Word spreads about Ken quitting teaching. Len mentions it to Albert thinking he already knows but it comes as a surprise. Doreen goes to work hungover while Swindley doesn't appear at all. Doreen finds out that Emily hadn't drunk alcohol before last night. Albert is disgusted with the idea of Val supporting Ken. Val considers it her duty to support her husband. Swindley arrives at Gamma and reveals that he's been voted candidate as his opponent was injured at a Rugby match and is now in the Infirmary. Concepta blames Lucille for making Christopher cry. Lucille storms out without her lunch. Val is annoyed by the neighbours gossiping about her and Ken. Ken agrees to stay on at school until a replacement is found. Swindley doesn't have anywhere to set up his committee room. Lucille doesn't return home from school. Harry is initially unconcerned as he believes she's just spoiling his plans with Concepta out of spite. He finds out that she cried in school this afternoon. The residents search for Lucille. Ena finds her sheltering from the rain underneath the viaduct and joins her. Lucille tells Ena she'd like to run off and become a famous singer. She shows off her talent by singing Sealed with a Kiss, with Ena joining in. Ena helps Lucille realise that she wants to go home.


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