The Barlows order a phone for the salon. Sheila and Doreen throw a belated flat-warming now that Florrie trusts them with the flat. The PPOP plan a meeting to elect their candidate. Swindley stays up to four in the morning writing his speech and practices it at the shop. Jack offers to help Len pay for a solicitor when he's called as a witness to the assault. Len tells him not to bother as he intends to plead guilty. Jerry accepts Doreen's invite to the party but doesn't want to go. Swindley is intimidated by his PPOP opponent as he's younger, plays Rugby professionally and is a tenor in the local operatic society. Len thinks Elsie has gone away with Dave but Ken tells him he saw Dave driving down Rosamund Street on his own. Ken turns to Esther for advice. She tells him he'd be stupid to give up his job. Doreen massages Swindley's ego in order to wangle an early finish from Gamma and set up the party. Ken expects the worst as he reveals his plans for the future with Val. He's shocked when Val tells him she'll support him all the way. She's proud of him for having ambition. The party is a bust with only Lucille and a miserable Jerry there. Things liven up when the girls' friends arrive. Doreen gets Emily drunk and shows her how to do the twist. Sheila attaches herself to Jerry and helps him to unwind by taking off his tie. The party is interrupted by Swindley, who is ten minutes away from delivering his speech and can't find it. Doreen discovers she's sent the speech to Gamma's Head Office instead of the stock notes.


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