The police search for Eddie - he sleeps rough. Hilda overhears him talking with Stan and worries that they're harbouring a criminal. The police find Eddie at No.13. Stan says that Eddie was with him at the races. Ray forgets to submit a tender for a Corporation job for £3,000. Len is furious as they've missed the submission date. Ron gives Elsie a brochure for winter holidays in Majorca and tells her he's got the tickets. She is furious that he takes her for granted. The police clear Eddie when his alibi checks out. The police stir things up by telling Hilda that Stan won £50 at the races. Len gets Mavis to help out at the yard as Deirdre refuses to work; however Mavis can't cope with the system. Len realises the business is going downhill because of Deirdre's absence. He urges Ray to sort her out. Hilda gives Stan £10 so he can pay Tiny Hargreaves back the £25. Deirdre tells Ray she wants them to get away from the area. Elsie agrees to go to Majorca. The police demand an alibi from Eddie from when the lead was nicked from Farraday Street. Unfortunately his alibi is that he and Stan were window cleaning - in Farraday Street.


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  • This episode and the next two were not transmitted by Southern Television as the station had been blacked out from 5.40pm on 27th October in a dispute with the ACTT (Association of Cinematograph Television and Allied Technicians) over a productivity claim. When the station resumed broadcasting on 7th November the station management chose not to transmit the episodes they had missed during the duration of the strike but instead to start the next episode of Coronation Street - Episode 1859 on 8th November - with a recap of the events of the missed instalments.
  • TV Times synopsis: Ray Langton offers to take his wife Deirdre on a holiday to try to forget their troubles - but she has other ideas. Ron Mather makes Elsie Tanner an offer she can't refuse.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 15,100,000 viewers (1st place).
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