Mavis dresses up for work in the hope that Mr. Garfield will call. Deirdre accuses Ray of lying to her. He says it was the Legion in Salford. Annie talks herself into thinking her back is causing her agony. Deirdre realises Ray is up to something. Annie summons Peter to tea to give him a little pep talk. Mavis takes Mr. Garfield to the Rovers to see Annie. Deirdre tackles Emily about Ray. Emily confirms that he's seeing Janice. Annie willingly allows Garfield to probe her back. Deirdre confronts Janice who tells her to ask Ray about their relationship. Ray sees Deirdre whilst he's out in his van. She tells him to get lost with his fancy piece.


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  • Location filming for this episode was conducted near the Red Cow Brewing House which stood at the junction of Albion Street and Harrogate Street in Salford. The pub closed two years after filming and was demolished soon afterwards. The footbridge that Deirdre Langton uses ran from Albion Street over the railway lines in the Windsor Bridge Cattle Station to Hope Street. Albion Way in Salford now runs over the approximate site of the pub and Albion Street, also industrial units in Brunel Avenue stand on the site of the railway station and the footbridge has similarly been demolished. See link.
  • TV Times synopsis: What will Deirdre Langton do when she learns of husband Ray's affair? Mavis Riley's mystery "specialist" gives Annie Walker some treatment…
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 17,800,000 viewers (1st place).
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