Annie prepares the snug for Ena, replacing her old chair with a new one from the select. Len tells Ken that Ena drove a hard bargain before agreeing to come back to the Rovers. Dot offers to treat Elsie to a night out tonight instead of waiting in for Dave Smith. Elsie is confident that she can handle Dave. Dave calls at No.11 while Elsie is out and waits for her at the Rovers. Sheila tells Doreen he has a bad reputation. Swindley tells Ena that the vestry is to be redecorated and she can choose the wallpaper. Emily accidentally mentions his political ambitions and Swindley is forced to take Ena into his confidence. Ken devotes all of his spare time to his novel. Ena doesn't want the new chair and demands the old one back. Jack has to retrieve it from the yard next to the dustbin. The residents don't like Dave as he looks down on them and the Street. Len looks forward to sorting him out when he hears from Frank that he's after Elsie. Ena and Martha are shocked to see Elsie letting Dave into No.11. Dave offers Elsie her winnings or a night out with him. She settles for the night out. Ken is bothered by constant interruptions and ends up putting his typewriter away to help Lucille with her homework. Swindley hires Len to do the redecorations. Dave takes Elsie to the Rovers. Len embarrasses her by staring at them. Dave warns Len off and is hit to the floor. Dave warns Len that he won't forget it.


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Notable dialogue

Sheila Birtles (about Dave Smith): "I've seen 'em like 'im 'angin' round the Palais in their big cars when we come out. I wouldn't trust 'im an inch that one!"


Dave Smith: "Tangle with me an' you'll get nothing but trouble but I'll promise you one thing - you'll enjoy it."

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