No.13 suffers from the flood of bath water. Hilda is heartbroken as her "muriel" is damaged. She tries to repair it but tears it instead. She decides she wants another mural. Peter feels he's failed Ken. He confesses he didn't do enough work. He doesn't want to take the exams again but leave school to get a job. Ken tells him he's going to make sure he resits the exams by making him take them in Weatherfield. Annie has enough of Ena and Albert rowing over the competition and tells them she wants proof. Ken takes Peter's return ticket off him. Albert remembers he first came into the Rovers on Whit Monday 1919 on a pub crawl. Annie believes he is the longest drinker. Hilda buys a new mural, this time of a seascape. Ena produces a friend, Lizzie Hinchcliffe, who tells Annie that she took her one and only strong drink in the Rovers on Christmas Eve 1918 with Ena. It was Ena's first drink as well. Annie agrees to put Ena's name to the brewery. Peter phones Edith Tatlock and asks her for money so he can go home. Stan discovers the Robertses' ceiling is wet - he and Hilda agree to keep quiet about their flood. Edith phones Ken and tells him she's coming up to sort him out.


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