Albert accuses Ken of having washed his hands of Peter. Hilda is annoyed that Stan hasn't paid the water rates and makes him work on the bank holiday. She discovers the water is based on the ratable value and not on the number of people in the house. She thinks it's criminal that she pays 50p more than Elsie. The brewery looks for each pub's longest-drinking customer with a prize of a free pint each day for life. Edith Tatlock phones Ken and tells him about Peter's bad exam results. Ena and Albert row about who's been drinking in the Rovers the longest. She swears she came in during the First World War and he only started in 1919. Peter runs away from No.1 when he discovers Ken knows about his results. Ken starts to contact the police but Peter returns of his own accord. Hilda tells Stan they're going to get their money's worth with the water; he's got to have a bath every night. Stan falls asleep in the bath with the taps running.


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  • TV Times synopsis: Angry over the water rates bill, Hilda Ogden takes action - which leads to disaster. Peter Barlow vanishes when his father, Ken, discovers the problem he's been hiding.
  • Viewing Figures: First UK broadcast - 9,937,000 viewers (chart placing unknown). This August Bank Holiday episode failed to make the top twenty.

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Hilda Ogden (nagging Stan to get out and work): "'I 'spose so', I 'spose so'. That's the trouble with you - you're too damned suppository. Now get out there and insert yerself."

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