The residents send Ena to Coventry and are short with Minnie and Martha. Florrie refuses to serve Minnie when she shops for Ena. Martha thinks Ena shopped Sam and distances herself from her actions. Ena boycotts the Rovers and drinks at The Flying Horse instead. The residents worry over the lack of communication from Sam. Jack feels he ought to tell Ena what he thinks of her but Annie stops him. Dot tries to get Elsie to join her at the St Leger with Walter and a bookie called Dave Smith. Elsie can't go as she has another date but gets Dot to put a bet on for her. Lucille spends all her time with Sheila and Doreen. Len makes sure that Minnie and Martha can hear him as he slanders Ena. His comments draw Minnie out of the snug. She stands up for Ena telling the regulars that she would never shop Sam. She walks out of the Rovers and joins her friend at The Flying Horse. Annie invites Martha to drink in the public and she joins the others in defacing Ena and Minnie. Dot tells Len that Elsie is seeing a lot of men to get over Bill and asks him to talk to her before she gets hurt. He broaches the subject with Elsie but she says she can look after herself. Sheila and Doreen continue to tease Jerry. Ena tells Minnie what really happened with Sam. Jerry passes on a letter from Sam to the Walkers explaining that the police were after him as he owed his wife maintenance and he's back in Newcastle. He expresses special thanks to Ena for helping him find the courage to turn himself in. The residents realise that they have wronged her.


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