Deirdre plans to get a job as a barmaid but Ray stops her. Len tells Rita he'll have to get a job on an oil rig to earn a lot of money. She is horrified and goes to see Ralph Lancaster. Emily tries to look after the children as Brenda Summers withdraws into herself. She tries to get her to talk to Ken but she refuses. Emily urges Brenda to take out a court injunction against John but she doesn't want him to go to prison. Betty calls in an emergency plumber when she has a leak and is charged £20. Alf worries that she's been conned. Len looks at the pipe and tells her it's only been patched. She is annoyed with herself. Ray suggests he and Len go into the emergency call-out game. Rita asks Ralph for a job but he tells her he's booked up. She feels past it when she sees he's got a new band in.


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