Fred looks forward to taking the tenancy of The Mechanics on Commercial Road but needs a wife. He asks Betty if she'd take him on. She doesn't want to get married again. Len asks Alf to lend him £3,000. Alf tells him he hasn't got it; he's paid off Renee's mortgage and can't sell his house. Fred considers Bet as a wife and starts being nice to her. Len refuses to take more money out with The Kabin as security and tells Ray it's up to him to find the money and advises him to take a second mortgage out. Deirdre refuses to take out a bigger mortgage on No.5. She tells him there's no way Len or Rita will stand by and let the business collapse. Rita is furious with the Langtons. She reveals that through her Gatsby Club work, she knows a rich man called Eric Summers, who once offered to lend her money if ever she needed it - no strings attached. Len doesn't like the idea. Betty tells Bet that Fred is going to propose to her.


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