Annie tells Ena that Sam has disappeared. Ena advises her to check her silver. Annie is shocked by the insinuation and more so when Jack tells her that he's already gone through their things and verified that nothing has been taken. Albert looks for Sam after being stood up at the pictures. Annie tells him he left the Rovers for family reasons. Swindley is shortlisted as candidate for the PPOP. Emily is convinced he will win the elections. Swindley is relaxed about it as there won't be an election for at least a year. Ken starts work on a second novel. Swindley decides that his article in the church Gazette will be titled "Uncle Sam, the best-loved character I have known". Jack doesn't like Annie lying to the customers about Sam's whereabouts. Ena shows Annie a newspaper report carrying a story of an arsonist at work in Newcastle. They fear it is Sam. The Walkers search for Sam but no one has seen him. Annie is afraid he's thrown himself in the canal. Martha is dying to know what's going on between the Walkers and Ena but Ena gives nothing away. Martha gets tickets to the theatre from her daughter Lily's husband Wilf for her birthday and takes Ena and Minnie. Elsie goes out on a date. Jack tells Len that Sam has phoned and said he's poorly. On her return, Ena discovers that Sam has been hiding in the mission since last night.


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