Ken and Emily organise a pram race for the hospital's Kidney Machine Appeal. Suzie accuses Gail of being jealous of her and Steve. She is furious when Steve stands her up to take Angie out. The police find the Rover. Hilda tells Stan about Ralph Curtis who wants to meet them. Stan refuses to have a Yank in the house. The Rover is unmarked but the thief left a note with it saying the tappets needed adjusting. Albert tells Annie and Newton & Ridley rep Barry Goodwin about the police catching the Rovers opening after hours. Goodwin tells her he'll have to report her to the brewery and that there's a takeover bid for Newton & Ridley. Hilda phones Ralph and arranges for him to visit. Annie is certain she'll lose the pub. Billy realises something is wrong and tells her he's flying over from Jersey.


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