Albert and the committee camp on the Rovers' doorstep in order to get to the snug before Ena only to find her there already, cleaning the horse brasses. Ena keeps interrupting the Legion's committee meeting. They try to ignore her. Elsie stays away from work. When Mike calls she tells him about being picked up. She's depressed and feels she's lost everything, even her self-respect. Ken asks Ena to try and get on with Albert, for the sake of their working together. Ena breaks the committee up by causing them to fall out with each other. Elsie leaves No.11, taking her clothes with her. Alderman Chapman tells Len the council are angry about him being charged with being drunk and disorderly. He asks for Len's resignation.


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Elsie Howard: "I was quite something when I was young. I could have had any feller I wanted. They used to queue up just to take me 'ome from work. An' the dances... wallflower? I didn't even know the meaning of the word. Gail and Suzie... they don't know anything. 'Ow I ever come to marry a nothin' like Arnold Tanner I shall never know. Yes I do, it's a mistake thousands of young girls make and live to regret it. But you know I... I could 'ave done anythin', gone anywhere. Not just with fellers, but... life in general. I was a fighter... You know, all I once thought I was is not there any more. I keep lookin' at meself from the outside... seein' meself as... as other people do. It's lousy... Terrifying!"


Elsie Howard: "I walked down that street last night, pourin' with rain, cryin' me eyes out... for a girl I once knew who 'ad guts, and hope... only she's dead now. And I don't... I don't know quite when it was she died."

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