Sam moves into the Walkers' spare room. Lucille acts good as gold in the hope that Harry will give her money to go to the pictures with her friend. Swindley has nothing to write about in his monthly column about the Mission in the church Gazette. Minnie inspires him to dedicate the piece to Sam, the good Samaritan, when she tells him how he helped her and took nothing in return. Swindley exiles himself to the stockroom while he writes the article. Annie feels that Jack ought to tell the police that Sam works at the Rovers. Jack prefers to find out what they want him for before they land him in it. Swindley butters Ena up before asking her to secure a photograph of Sam for the article. Ena agrees. Val opens her salon at No.9. The Walkers are alarmed when Ena tells them that Sam's picture will be in the Gazette. Harry refuses to give Lucille money for the pictures when she admits she's spent her pocket money. Lucille says she's going whether he likes it or not. Concepta gets upset when he reminds her that they have a washing machine to pay for. Ena gets a photo from Sam by telling him it's for someone who thinks he recognises him from years ago. Annie begs her not to use it and tells her about the police. Ena is unsure about what to do and says she'll think about it.


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Doreen Lostock (about Leonard Swindley): "'E's got Papagopolitis."

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