Florrie isn't herself after what happened with Frank. Frank is sorry that he hurt her. Doreen tells Emily what she saw in the flat. They're overheard by Martha, who repeats the story to all and sundry with her own embellishments. Len tells Jack that Sam has left his wife. Annie refuses to listen to gossip. Concepta hears from Martha that Florrie was begging Frank to marry her. Len threatens Martha with a slander libel if she carries on and shows that he hasn't forgotten she got him the sack from Birtwistle's Construction. He warns Frank that word has got out. Frank barges into the flat and gives Doreen a lecture on spreading malicious rumours. Doreen is defensive at first but his words get to her. Florrie and Albert hear everything from the shop. Doreen and Sheila fear they may be evicted and apologise to Florrie. Len replaces a cracked tile on Elsie's fireplace. Dot worries that Elsie is heading for trouble by having Len working at No.11 again. Sam buys Jerry one of Gamma Garments's hand-painted ties for his birthday following advice from Swindley. Jerry pretends to like it. Elsie leads Len up the garden path when he flatters her, saying she doesn't need to diet. Sergeant Swann shows Jack a photograph of a man and asks if he's a customer. He moves on when Jack answers "no", but Jack then reveals to Annie that he's looking for Sam.


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