A sullen Lucille returns the girls' record player and declares she'll be calling Christopher "it" from now on. Jerry tells Len that Sam wasn't ill last night. Annie is delighted to receive a letter from Arthur Forsyth-Jones. The Walkers debate whether to check on Sam at his hostel but the man himself arrives for his shift. He's evasive when Annie asks what was wrong with him and continues to delay Jack over his insurance card. Ena has gone to visit Vera. Swindley holds a fire practice at Gamma Garments. Len finds out from Jerry that Sam's wife is still alive and treats her husband like a dog. Swindley blows his whistle to signify the alarm. They evacuate the shop ahead of the allotted time but Emily locks them out. With Swindley's pie cooking on the stove, Len smashes the window to let them back in. Florrie refuses to let Lucille watch her television to get a break from Christopher as she's going out. Doreen tells Frank that Emily is besotted with Swindley. Florrie is fed up with Frank just wanting to be friends. Elsie warns her not to throw herself at him as she'll get hurt. Dot copies Elsie's diet. Florrie shows Frank the flat. She breaks down when he talks about Emily and hopes that no woman is daft enough to act that way over him. Doreen walks in on them.


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